Your website, like most business sites, all share the same problem. 

96% of website visitors come in,
look around & then leave! 

What if you  could track those people & keep in touch with them after they leave your site?

The good news is that with our software, now you can!

For a Limited Time, we're offering free setup to start capturing 100% of all your website visitors!


Have you ever gone to Amazon and looked at a book or a tool, and didn't buy it right away? 

Then when you leave Amazon, have you ever seen that same tool, that same book, start appearing at all the different websites you visit?

That is exactly what we do for your business website. 

Our software tracks all the people that visit your site. And we can keep in touch with them after they’ve left your website.

Can you imagine if we take everybody that comes through your site and keep in touch with them during their decision making process over the next 2 weeks to 3 weeks or 30/60/90 days while they’re thinking about which place they’re going to buy from?

Introducing the Most Powerful Website Marketing Strategy: RETARGETING

With retargeting you only target users that have visited your site and already had an experience with your brand. If they leave your site without taking the desired action, you can show them ads as they surf around the Internet with the intent of getting them to come back and take the desired action (buy).

By placing a retargeting pixel on your website, a special cookie is placed on visitor’s browsers. When a website is visited that offers banners, it checks to see if that cookie is present and shows your ad if it is there.

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We are experts in retargeting. We assess the effectiveness of your campaigns to make future ones smarter. The secret to every successful campaign are banner ads that build your brand and drive qualified traffic.

Prospects visit your website

96% of the visitors never contact you. And you have no way to track them. You're losing potential profit and can't capture who actually visits your site. 

Retargeting Pixel captures traffic

When visitors come to your site, our software helps us track and drop a retargeting pixel in their browser. Capturing 100% of your visitors.

Potential client sees you everywhere

When your prospect visits other sites, your business stays in front of them by showing them your ads everywhere they visit online.

3 Types of ads for your business

The 3 types of retargeting ads that convert visitors the most to come back to your site are Offer Ads, Branding Ads, and Reputation Ads.

Here’s what people are saying about 10x Display Ads

Adam Longnecker

For search marketing & lead generation, Ed is a ninja.

Ed is generous and also brilliant! When it comes to search marketing and lead-generation, Ed is a ninja. I cannot thank you enough for your time and feedback helping me with our global ranking strategy for and

Aaron Farrokh

East Cedar Dental

Business improved because expertise & diligence.

Ed and his team are great at what they do. My business has greatly improved because of their expertise and diligence. Ed goes the extra mile to make sure that success is achieved. Niche Quest Media is a very trustworthy and competent firm. Don't hesitate to use their media services!

Jason Dolman


Generate better results from your digital marketing 

I've known Ed for years and each time we speak, I'm more and more impressed by his knowledge level, skill set, and most importantly, his ability to produce results. If you're looking to generate better results from your digital marketing campaigns, Ed and his team have you covered!

Facts about 10x Display Ads Retargeting

Get higher conversions with our specialized retargeting program and banner ad system.


Less than 4% of visitors contact you

Losing 96% of potential customers to your business


Capture 100% of visitors to your site

You can capture 100% of all the prospects that visit your website with retargeting


Less than 12% of sites retarget

Gives you an edge on your competition


10x Display Ads Strategy Works for....

We use proven & effective ad design to promote your business in any industry or niche. We've researched over 10,000 of the world's highest converting banner ads to make sure that the ads we create for you are effective. No matter what industry you're in, we can help you to market to your targeted audience on a local and global scale by maximizing your reach impact across devices, interests and locations.


Ear & Eye Clinics
Physical Therapist
Plastic Surgeon
Hospitals & Pharmacies
In Home Senior Care

Local Business

Sporting Goods
Health/Skin Care/Cosmetics

real estate

Residential Brokers
Home Developments
Commercial Brokers
Office Buildings for Rent
Retail Space/Malls/Strip Centers
Industrial Space
Furnished Offices/Conference Rooms
Event Space

property Improvements

Builders & General Contractors
Architects & Designers
Kitchen/Bath Remodeling
Landscaping & Outdoor Living
Pool Design and Install

Where will your ads display?

On the world’s top performing publisher sites – ranging from well-known consumer sites such as Facebook, YouTube, BBC America, Amazon & eBay through premium publishers such as The Guardian, Los Angeles Times & Newsweek and millions of ‘long tail’ or special interest publishers. We have several million sites available globally – all vetted and checked for performance to drive results.

To Start Capturing 100% Of All Your Website Visitors....

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10x Display Ads by NicheQuest

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