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Loved it is an understatement. I hired Niche Quest to help a few of my agency clients. One client called me today, treats me like gold because he is now getting two prospects per day or 40 per month since January, 2017 when he signed up for his SEO Ignite program developed by the Niche Quest CEO, Ed Winslow. My clients no longer worry about their Google Analytics, they are now counting money!



As an entrepreneur I was inundated by SEO marketing companies trying to sell me their expertise. In the past I spent big money on website design and optimization programs with minimal results. In 2015 I was introduced to Ed Winslow of Niche Quest. He rebuilt my website and trained me how to blog and generate sales leads. My real estate business now organically ranks on the first page in the highly competitive New York City market. If you want measurable results in your local market Niche Quest is the solution.


I've known Ed for years and each time we speak, I'm more and more impressed by his knowledge level, skill set, and most importantly, his ability to produce results. If you're looking to generate better results from your digital marketing campaigns, Ed and his team have you covered!


From time to time, we've all heard someone say, "If you don't talk with my friend, you're leaving money on the table." Never has that expression been more true than when it refers to my friend Ed Winslow. I've made a career of learning the most effective marketing and publicity strategies -- the ones that produce measurable, tangible results are not just nifty tricks that yield no value. Quite simply, Ed is brilliant and his clients are truly lucky to be working with him. I'm sure they appreciate the thousands of dollars in additional income that comes their way as a result of that collaboration!


Ed is generous and also brilliant! When it comes to search marketing and lead-generation, Ed is a ninja. I cannot thank you enough for your time and feedback helping me with our global ranking strategy for AllStarTrips.com and BackcountryUnited.com.


Ed's teachings and methods have been gold for my business. We've implemented his long tail keyword and interlinking strategies on all of our websites and blog content and continue to reap the rewards! Eds got a knack for breaking complex strategies down so they are easy to digest, understand and implement. Listen to what Ed says and implement it, it will make you a fortune. Stuff he taught us years ago is still bearing fruit to this day, generating leads and bringing in real revenue into our business, http://clicksgeek.com.

gunilla desanto

What makes Ed Winslow and his team unique is they really understand the internet. They are masters at developing various strategies that will create lots of leads by having your business rank high on Google. One word of warning...before you get NicheQuest involved, make sure you have the infrastructure in place to handle the onslaught of new business and clients that will be coming your way!

Jared O'Brien

Ed is one of the very best marketing guys that I have had the pleasure to deal with. I am at an early stage in launching my business and he has given me so much great ideas and little golden nuggets of advice that will make a complete game changer for me. I fully recommend that you do the same and speak to Ed. You will not be disappointed!

Aaron Farrokh

Ed and his team are great at what they do. My business has greatly improved because of their expertise and diligence. Ed goes the extra mile to make sure that success is achieved. Niche Quest Media is a very trustworthy and competent firm. Don't hesitate to use their media services!

David Wilson

Edward and Niche Quest Media are so good at what they do. They have introduced me to concepts I never knew existed and it has been such a boost to my business. You cannot go wrong.